Baby food in summer

In summer the baby the right foods, Bangladesh Health Economic College Child Development and Social Relations, an assistant professor of DB Bashar said, “heat baby food should be bland, and healthier.”

He said, “are bland, easily digestible food that is to say. Baby foods contain adequate amounts of water in the summer heat. Fruits must be in water-rich food. ”

Five years after the birth of a child is diagnosed. During this time, children are the stars of the fleet. So the weight of every single nutrient demand continues to grow.

Body formed to meet the needs of these food components, such as protein, iodine, calcium, vitamin D, etc. in the list of the amounts of cereal.

Children need to eat a variety of different stages of childhood.

In this context, DB home, “said the mother’s milk is the child from birth to six Month. So this time my mother to eat bland foods rich in water so that the child gets enough water. Maternal nutrition to make sure the child’s needs will be met. ”

He also said that the weight of healthy children six months and one year, three times his birth weight is doubled and is increasing its height to 10 inches. This will give the child the mother’s milk as well as the meal.

In particular, the heat of the old and the child can not be more spicy food. To eat any fruit juice twice a day to one. Moreover, an egg and a glass of milk a day to be fed. Baby seasonal fruits such as mango, watermelon, papaya, banana, etc. should be. The children heat required fiber, water, calories, iron, vitamins, etc. will be material.

Children over the age of two years from the pamcabachara are restless and fickle. This time a lot of water to come out of their body. So, again and again, as well as their daily food fruit juice, saline and glucose should be given.

Milk and eggs, as well as to eat the fruit. The vegetables in their daily diet should be plenty.

Boredom can eat every day, and it’s the same kind of feeding aversion could return. So you need to bring a variety of dishes every day.
This diversity can be brought sabajikata and cooking methods. In this age, babies ‘finger food’ such as pieces of carrots, peas, potatoes cut goals, etc. to eat. The child will be handed over to the eating habits and increased interest in eating.
Heat for proper care of the child bathe regularly, eat and sleep, each will have to work according to a certain time. Bhajapora children and less fatty foods as much as possible the oil will be fed.