Five common mistakes to avoid while making herbal tea!

New Delhi: I’m sure we all love herbal tea – chamomile, peppermint, lemon zest, ginger, rosehip, etc. The fact is that there’s nothing like a soothing cup of herbal tea, especially when you need a healthy boost. Herbal tea is also good for weight loss, fever, common colds, cough, asthma management and cholesterol balance, besides many other health benefits.

However, chances are they you might be having your herbal tea wrong. Here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid in order to enjoy the optimal health benefits of herbal tea.

Say no to sugar

Remember, one major reason of having herbal tea is to to negate the effects of sugar on your body. So, it’s best when taken without adding suger in it. You can use a teaspoon of honey as a substitute.

Avoid adding milk

You should not add milk to your herbal milk, especially if you’re trying to shed off those extra kilos you’ve put on. This is because milk is rich in nutrition and can lead to weight gain. Moreover, most herbal teas contain holy basil (tulsi) as an ingredient (milk and holy basil are just incompatible with each other).

Avoid having it too hot or too cold

Do not drink your herbal too hot or too cold to avoid unwanted side effects. It is said that people whose body type is Kapha or Vata can drink it hot, but those who have Pitta body typehave it luke warm.

Do not reheat

One common mistake to avoid is reheating or rewarming your herbal tea because it steals all the health benefits of herbs. So, it’s better to have it when it is freshly made.

Do not close the lid while preparing

Closing the lid while making herbal tea is not a good idea. In fact ayurveda suggests that the vessel should be open when you boil water, so that the water gets eveporated a bit. Also, stirring water while adding ingredients in it makes the tea healthier.