14 herbal tips for beautiful face

Most of the times we use face pack which contains chemical material. As a result we suffer many side effects rather getting any benefits. So we should be careful before using any face pack because our face is very sensitive part of our body and it is difficult to reform previous skin after damage. But there is no side effective in using herbal or natural face pack. Today we know some tips of herbal face pack.

1. Grape
In many cases, normal skin tends reduces and the skin becomes dark. External dirt and insulation layer create this dark spots. Grape juice is very beneficial to fairness. Gently rub the face of some grapes. You may also make grape paste and apply it on face.

2. Cucumber juice, glycerin and rose water
Mix cucumbers juice with little rose water and glycerin. This mixture is effective to remove sun burn spot. Apply this mixture on face before going outside or after coming back. Besides it also makes your skin bright.

3. Sandalwood powder, turmeric and milk
Freshness of skin is decreased for ages , depression, indifference, lack of wind or natural light on the skin. Make a paste of sandal powder with milk and turmeric. Apply the paste on face and wait for some time. Then wash with water. This face pack is very effective for beautiful and bright face.

4. Honey and milk cream.
Your skin becomes soft and bright, if you use honey with milk cream. This face pack is very useful in winter vacation.

5. Milk, salt and lemon juice
Because of daily various tasks, dust and dirt accumulates in skin fold which hinders oxygen circulation in face. Mix lemon juice and little salt with milk. This mixture cleans your face deeply and makes fresh and bright.

6. Tomato juice
Skin may lose its softness for external dust, dirt, heat and negligence. Tomato juice is very effective to make the skin soft. You will get better result if you use face pack of tomato juice with lemon juice.

7. Turmeric powder, wheat and sesame
Many people have some unwanted hair on skin which makes skin dark. Make a paste of turmeric powder with wheat and sesame and use it on face. This face pack will remove your unwanted hair on face.

8. Cabbage juice and honey
At one time everyone will face ageing problem which causes wrinkle and fold on skin. Use cabbage juice and honey on face. It will remove ageing wrinkle.

9. Carrot
Because of lack of oxygen brightness of skin decreases. Oxygen cannot enter into skin for dirt. Carrot juice brings brightness of skin. Skin will stay fresh and bright after regular use of carrot juice

10. Nuts and lemon juice
There is a lack of sufficient natural air in the mechanical environment of the city. As a result born and blackheads is created. Mix peanut oil and lemon juice and apply on face. This mixture will remove acne and blackheads, and the skin will be fresh and beautiful.

11. Aloe Vera juice
In the absence of an adequate amount of water skin reduces its radiance. Water is required to keep the skin healthy. Black spot is removed by using aloe vera juice on skin. It reduces skin’s water insufficiency.

12. Butter and glycerin
Many may use moisturizer to keep softness of skin. But many market product which works as moisturizer may have adverse effects on skin. Mixture of butter and glycerin may work as a very good moisturizer.

13. Fuller’s earth, neem leaves, basil leave, rose petals and rose water.
Make a paste of fuller’s earth, rose petals, neem leaf powder, basil leaves powder with a little rose water or lemon. If you use it regularly, the skin will be healthy and bright.

14. Apricot and card
Skin may suffer water insufficiency for many reasons in daily life. Mix a paste of apricot and card. It increases skin’s brightness and keeps skin fresh. If you have dry skin, mix little honey with the paste.