How to make thick and black hair easily

Thick and black hair is like? While modernism and to facilitate the work of many hairs do not want to remember, however, is expected to lock up to waist length. Describes the growth of the beauty of women, long hair comes first. But due to the adverse weather conditions and ill-treatment and hair growth is reduced. And, due to the thinning of the hair does not dare to big hair. This kind of problem-solving faster hair growth in unusual today to find out the most effective method of hair can quickly and that will help to grow new hair.

1) the use of Aloe vera

Since ancient times, in different parts of the Aloe vera gel has been used rupa cascara. Aloe leaf gel is particularly effective for hair. Vera is in prison of natural material to accelerate hair growth and helps them to grow new hair.

– Cut the fresh leaves of Aloe vera gel Take out fresh.
– A hair’s breadth of this gel, rub it on the scalp as well take it.
– 0-30 minutes and rinse hair well.
– Aloe gel method to 3 times this week.
– To get the results more quickly with Aloe prison vitamin E capsules can be mixed down and Aloe juice to drink every day. Very good results

Ii) the method of massage oil blend
There is the option the right to health of the hair oil. Why not renowned as expensive hair products you use, the hair is long and thick hair oil can not. So oil is mandatory to give.
– The equivalent of coconut oil, almond oil, and oil mixed together in a container filled with the blend of this story in the making.
– At each oil massage oil, mix well and choose a hair’s breadth.
– Thus, at least 1 hour Keep the hair oil mix. Then wash the hair. The best is if you can keep the whole night, hair oil.

– At least two times a week using this method, you will see the good results very quickly.