This will help to keep your skin bright winter health foods 7

Winter brings cold and dry air, low temperature and low humidity, which can damage your skin, lips and other body parts in many ways. In winter your skin dry, flaky and makes dull. If you follow a proper skin care routine skin possible to keep the whole winter. Dryness in your diet help protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays can.

The food in the winter season full of beautiful skin, healthy and will help keep bright. Let’s see which of these foods will help keep bright the health of your skin this winter season.

1. Olive oil

Olive oil is good for your skin, especially in the winter when your skin becomes dry. The vitamin “A” and vitamin “E”, as well as other minerals, which maintains the flexibility and softness of your skin.

Olive oyelake warm light bathing the face, arm, wrist and knee to massage lightly. The light will take a bath with warm water. The skin should be thoroughly dried. The skin will look soft and smooth.

2. Grapefruit

Jamburate plenty of vitamin “C”, which keeps your skin healthy. Grapefruit juice every day to drink a glass of the winter. Face packs also can be made with grapefruit.

Take a look at the materials and the way the Face packs.

3 Materials

Juice of half a grapefruit
One tablespoon of honey and
Oatmeal powder

Mix all the ingredients together to make a Face pack. Drying the plant will have to wait until the pack. In fact, it will be washed away with water. Face pack the radiance of your skin will continue to use.

4. Avocado

Abhakadote vitamin “A” and “C” and “E” contains three khanijai together. Abhakadoke seasoned with a spoon to eject kuriye. And one teaspoon of honey and olive oil, and planted it with the Face Pack will continue polishing the skin.

5. Carrots

Gajare vitamin “A” is. A glass of carrot juice every day playing the skin will be healthy from the inside. The gamjarera Face pack can be made. Two tablespoons carrot paste, 1 tablespoon honey, milk, butter and olive oil mixed with a Face Pack will be put on the face. Washed with water up to the pack. 1 week from the time the pack will be used to highlight your skin.

6. Pee nut

Increase the brightness of the skin before bathing almonds oil bath set. Face Pack can use without the almonds. Soak a handful of almonds in water overnight. Peel and crush the nuts in the morning. Then, create a paste by adding some cow’s milk or yogurt pathetic. 12 times a week, please use this pack.

7. Spinach

Spinach is much beneficial for the skin. You would never be able to avoid skin care spinach times! Spinach is highly nutritious. It also has antioxidant abundant. Alpaseddha plays fresh and leads to more antioxidant. This dark green vegetables plays an important role in building healthy cells of the skin. The high vitamin “A” and “C” to the health of the skin, which is more than necessary. In addition to protecting the skin from sun damage in spinach helps.

The small amount of lemon juice with spinach blendakare enjoying some pathetic. Your skin will dry it out and bring across her polishing.
Echarao in soups, salad and health of your skin, which can include daily khabare palansamka idea too.